• Product Name:
    TRI 30 SS
  • Features:
    Fitted with a Powerful Three Phase Co-Axial Turbine for Excellent Suction Equipped with Radial Filter for High Grade Filtration Optional Filters (M & H) Powerful Suction Excellent Vacuuming of Dust

The TRI 30 SS is your reliable and effective step into powerful cleaning. The powerful three phase industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for applications requiring frequent movements within less space, yet can accommodate all of your basic needs. It is designed for continuous heavy duty use, and is recommended for tough tasks in several industrial sectors such as ceramics, chemical, mechanical and textile. It can vacuum dust, particulate, and wharf chippings of whatever nature and liquids of any density to perfection.

Technical Specifications:

Air Flow 97 L/sec
Dimensions 610x1200x1330 in mm (LxWxH)
Filtering surface 1.3 sq.m
Power 2900 W
Suction Power 32 kPa
Tank Capacity 50 ltr
No. of Motor 1
Voltage 440 V
Weight 87 kg

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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