MEGA 50 +

  • Product Name:
    MEGA 50
  • Features:
    Handle Adjustable By Operator Powerful and Heavy-Duty Motor (2Hp) Controlled Weight Distribution for Good Balancev Brush Pad Holder 15 Ltr Tank Optional Shampoo Brush Optional Scrubbing / Polishing Pads (made in Italy)

The MEGA 50 + knows how important it is to combine cleanliness with convenience. It is a single machine with more than 50 cm working width and a tank with large capacity. It can also be customised with the help of an adjustable handle and other feature. It is intense, powerful and very effective in specific treatments across a variety of work environments. Together, it makes a dependable machine designed to help increase your efficiency and cleaning capacity.

Technical Specifications:

Brush Speed 160 rpm
Cable Length 15 m
Dimensions 644x523x1200 in mm (LxWxH)
Frequency 50 Hz
Motor 1800 W
Net Weight (Without Tank) 43 kg
Protection Grade IPX4
Transmission Gear Box
Voltage 230 V
Scrubbing width 500 mm

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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