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    inTouch, a Push Technology camera which is a breakthrough innovation in Video and Intrusion Alarm System (VAS). Targeted for the safety of working couples with kids, senior citizens at home and for monitoring remotely, inTouch also finds its application in retail stores as a business intelligence tool coupled with safety and security features. Zicom’s inTouch, the new Push Video Alarm System is a step beyond the traditional CCTVs as it pushes a live video feed into a portable mobile whenever an event occurs. Simply put, a client receives a push notification. The Push Video Technology is the result of developing a network camera that offers a vastly improved, a much clearer video quality, broader view angles, and taking forward existing functions, thus giving physical security a much needed dimension. That means whenever an incident takes place, users get instant accurate notification of an event helping them reduce the damage, if any, and salvage a situation. Push Video IP cameras are vastly different from the traditional CCTVs as they apply push technology into video surveillance systems making it possible to send out instant notifications and provide real-time playback. Which means following an incident, e.g., a break-in into your house or store, you will get an instant play of that through Push Video on your mobile device within 5 seconds. By viewing playback video, you can then decide as to what prompt action has to be taken. Zicom’s new Push Video Alarm system has a built-in PIR sensor for human detection which is a more reliable form of motion detection rather than using the motion detected in the camera picture, which can cause false alarms. Pre-alarm recording allows you to see the entire course of an event rather than searching for footage in a vast storage of data. Push Video lets you move freely and do your normal, daily activities instead constantly worrying about the security of your near and dear ones, your home and your stores. Now it’s up to you to take a call as to which events need to be covered by the system! Push Video is the solution of today.

Ideal for:

  • A store around 1,000 sq ft
  • Up-market locality
  • Stores selling high  value products such as jewellery, expensive watches, mobile phones, designer boutiques, high end salons etc
  • Stores located in crime sensitive areas
  • Owner-managed stores
  • Owners of retail chain
  • Those who have acute requirement for Alarm System/Video alarm rather than Surveillance
  • Those who require improvement in customer service and employee productivity
  • Stores that may need remote managed services for alarm management.


People who currently own an Alarm System Experience false alarms due to the conventional alarm system, but prefer not to spend more on it, but would prefer using the Video Alarm System


Product USP for Retail Small format Stores:

  • Get the combined benefits of Video and Intrusion in one single unit
  • Incident Notification is active and instant
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) -Plug and play, auto configurable
  • On-board recording with expandable memory up to 32 GB
  • Immunity from False Alarms due to video verification
  • Trigger an Alarm remotely (Hooter*) using your portable device, e.g., Android/Smart Phone
  • Low cost low investment Security System which also helps in business monitoring such as customer service and productivity
  • Easy installation
  • No need to spend on expensive CCTV system when the need is that of basic security
  • When connected to Zicom Command Centre (ZCC), you get 24X7 monitoring services facility


Home Owners USP

  • Get the combined benefits of Video and intrusion in one single unit
  • Watch your loved ones—children, parents, anytime, anywhere, at will and at your own convenience.
  • Record all the home activities
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