Enterprise RAID NVR

  • Product Name:
    Enterprise RAID NVR
  • Features:
    Maximum 128 CH Video Recording Intel Quad Core Xeon Embeded (Dual) Memory 8 GB Capacity upto 48 TB HDD 16 x 3TB SAS/SATA Hot Swappable Raid 0, 1, 10, 5, 50 & JBOD Inbuilt VMS with Video Analytics

The IP surveillance market is growing with increased demand moving from analog to full digital video solution. Enterprise RAID NVR is an efficient and powerful solution to address the needs of small- to medium-scale security management applications, including those for retail, banks, hospitals, enterprises, residential communities etc. If a one-stop IP video solution with network digital recording and security management is required, Enterprise RAID NVR is the perfect choice.

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