Cleaning Equipments

The Extract P25 is powerful, multifunctional and versatile injection and extraction machine offering you a variety of cleaning procedures, including wet and dry vacuuming. It comes with a high capacity tank that is designed for quick and continuous use in office, providing your staff with a seamless process of cleaning and comfort. Operation is intuitive [...]

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene solutions, the ZW 35 SS combines best performance with great value for money and added value in the form of benefits. It is a sturdy, durable, robust and reliable wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a wide range of accessories. It is durable and built to last, making [...]

Offering exceptional cleaning performance in a convenient and efficient system, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner is built for effective cleaning of upholstery and carpets across office premises. It combines the unique foam system with a high-efficiency suction system to improve cleanliness, comfort and provide a hygienic workspace. Technical Specifications: Air Flow 59 Ltr/sec Detergent [...]

With its comprehensive list of effective features, including an additional anticorrosion layer on its metal body, the Z POWER is a powerful vacuuming experience created by Forbes PRO- CTS. It is appropriate for use across a variety of everyday commercial places including Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Control Rooms, and more: maximising comfort and [...]

UV 450 is an upright vacuum cleaner equipped with a 450mm brush ensuring increased area of coverage and productivity. The ground pressure on the roller brush can be easily adjusted by a knob to suit various types of carpet floors of your office. Moreover, an indicator for ‘bag full’ alerts the operator to the clean [...]

Back VAC is a light weight, portable vacuum cleaner which is suitable in cinema halls and aircrafts to clean the upholstery. Equipped with a powerful vacuum motor, it provides good suction efficiency. The attached HEPA filter provides clean air, collecting all the dust in its bag. Technical Specifications: Dust Bag Capacity 6.5 Ltr Net weight [...]

The Robby uses the hygiene and power of steam to deliver a complete cleaning experience. It is a professional steam generator with a rugged steel body sleeve with zero volt or low voltage handle, practical handle and pivoting wheels, making it dependable and sturdy for any sort of rough use anywhere in the office premises. [...]

The Pro Shaker is a unique and versatile solution designed to help you do more with less—without compromising on cleanliness. The intermediate single phase dry vacuum cleaner combines performance with precision. It is powered by a 50 litre tank capacity that picks up specific light to medium duty dust and debris. It has a host [...]

The TRI 30 SS is your reliable and effective step into powerful cleaning. The powerful three phase industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for applications requiring frequent movements within less space, yet can accommodate all of your basic needs. It is designed for continuous heavy duty use, and is recommended for tough tasks in several industrial [...]

For heavy industrial needs, the T 100 T integrates the essential qualities of efficiency, reliability and effective cleaning. The industrial vacuum cleaner is designed with a strong frame to meet all heavy operations with perfection. It is fitted with a three phase turbine and has provision for a frontal squeegee that makes it simple, swift [...]

The MINI 33 integrates all aspects of flexible and dependable cleaning into one compact machine. It packs in a powerful punch with its small size of just 33 cm working width. It easily slides under places with low working height to clean under furniture and more, and enables you to clean, manage and experience superb [...]

The MEGA 50 + knows how important it is to combine cleanliness with convenience. It is a single machine with more than 50 cm working width and a tank with large capacity. It can also be customised with the help of an adjustable handle and other feature. It is intense, powerful and very effective in [...]

Mega UHS 1500 is a single disc cleaning machine designed with easy-to-use operation to help increase your efficiency and productivity. It incorporates cleaning mechanisms to give you greater flexibility suitable for all dry restoration and polishing tasks. Technical Specifications: Brush Speed 1500 rpm Cable Length 15 m Dimensions 647x542x1210 in mm (LxWxH) Frequency 50/60 Hz [...]

VISPA 35 E/B is a revolutionary scrubbing machine designed to give you just what you need to maintain cleanliness in small and even congested spaces. Based on smart new technologies, it scrubs, dries and sanitises in one pass. It is packed with several power-enhancing features that include more power in a compact design, ease of [...]

The FP 551 E/B is a scrubbing machine that combines speed with efficiency and makes for an ideal every day cleanliness system. To minimise your effort and time, it comes with several features that make it reliable, easy to use and carry out daily maintenance operations as fast as possible. Technical Specifications: Batteries (V/Ah) 24/100 [...]

The Tripla 85 B combines comprehensive cleaning technology to address a wide range of conditions. It a battery-driven ride-on scrubbing machine with a working width of 85 cm, and is designed to help you deliver perfect maintenance cleaning on surfaces up to 5100 sq m per hour. With its flexible and innovative features, safe and [...]

WS 65 A ushers in a compact, superior and convenient cleaning experience ideal for small to medium sized areas that are indoor or outdoor. The impact is achieved through a robust walk-behind machine that is extremely manoeuvrable. It is three times faster than manual sweeping and more efficient than the conventional broom, and is fitted [...]

The new CS 700/800 has been thoughtfully designed for a higher degree of dependability in a variety of office conditions. As a sweeping machine which is exclusively electric or hydraulic, it provides maximum accessibility to all components for machine maintenance and therefore, superior cleaning. It is also economically more competitive as it helps reduce maintenance [...]

CS 140 is a road sweeping machine designed with both the working environment and the operator in mind. It runs on advanced technology that provides exceptional and intensive cleaning to revolutionise urban and Industrial hygiene like never before. Roads, parking lots and large squares are currently cleaned using mechanical or suction collection machines. The CS [...]

In today’s populated and demanding environment, the focus is as much on thorough cleaning as it is on maintaining hygiene and safety. The CITYFANT range of sweepers is an able guardian of cleanliness when it comes to cities, municipalities and private companies. With its versatility, flexibility, and efficiency, it can revolutionise street cleaning. The CITYFANT [...]

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