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We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading distributors & integrators for Electronic Security Systems.

MK Agencies has been a change-leader since inception, creating a niche for itself and bringing to the market superior products and services that best address security demands. Over the years, MK Agencies has played an integral part to allay fears of lack of security by ushering in state-of-the-art electronic surveillance systems for small, medium and large establishments and government projects; and by offering impeccable service regardless of the nature of the industry.

We help you in understanding your requirements and then provide you with the best possible solutions in the category.

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J S Bedi








J S Bedi                                                                                                                                            Mandeep Singh
Head of Security Sales & Customer Support                                                                                      Managing Partner

Head of our Security Sales & Customer Support Center,                                                               Managing Partner of M K Agencies, he has also
he has been well trained in handling all situations that                                                                 been well trained handling issues that could
could come up with our company. He has been in the                                                                  arise with our company and he would be glad
customer service industry for most of his career.                                                                            to help you out with any of your questions.

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